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2016 Top Post

This post had the fifth-highest reach on MSN’s Facebook page, with a total reach of 1,064,416. It also had the highest number of comments and second-highest number of reactions:

Gorilla FB post

2015 Top Posts

This post had the second-highest number of engaged users and fourth-highest reach on MSN’s Facebook page in 2015, with 227,456 engaged users and a total reach of 1,849,344:

19 Kids FB post

Another of my posts had the third-highest reach on MSN’s Facebook page in 2015, with a total reach of 1,886,720:

Seinfeld FB post

This post was among the top 10 for engaged users in 2015, with 86,880 engaged users:

Michelle Obama FB post

This post was among those with the most clicks, with 53,707:

Love child

I’ve also handled breaking news on Facebook, such as the following:




Breaking news Facebook update large


I have tweeted for news organizations since 2009: Currently for MSN and previously for Hearst Connecticut Newspapers.

Major events and breaking news:




Twitter photo post

2013 Top Facebook Posts

During 2013, posts I created for MSN were among the most-shared, liked and commented and among those with widest reach.

No. 1 most-shared and second most-liked post on MSN’s Facebook page in 2013, with 8,627 shares and 13, 344 likes:

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.49.08 PM


The fourth most-commented post on MSN’s Facebook page in 2013, with 5,753 comments:

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.48.05 PM


The post with the sixth widest reach on MSN’s Facebook page in 2013, with 833,792 views:

World Teacher Day Facebook post


Previously, I managed the Greenwich Time Facebook page while it transitioned from automated to original posts.

During that time:

  • Weekly total reach increased by 130 percent

  • The number of people who liked the page increased by 46 percent

Greenwich Time Facebook page


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